We can install an antenna for ever type of television, including UHF & VHF Aerials for Analogue & Digital TV, FM aerials for better radio reception.
Just purchased new TV with Built in Freeview? We can make sure that you will receive the best possible reception on your new Television.

New home or existing house? We can design a system to suit your requirements. From a single television through to a thousand outlet village.
Don't put up with snowy or blocky pictures. Your TV picture can be perfectly clear 100% of the time. We can repair or upgrade your existing aerial system to meet the requirements for modern digital TV.

New Zealand is in the middle of a huge transition from analogue to digital Television. Many homes are not ready for the Digital Switch Over which will happen in late 2013 for the Waikato. After this time, analogue TV will not be available anymore and you must have a digital TV or a converter box for your old TV (Freeview or Sky TV) and the appropriate antenna.
Some older TV antennas and cabling systems are not up to scratch to receive digital TV and will need to be upgraded. We can assess your system and implement the necessary steps to get you ready for digital.

Please contact us or just call for more information:

0800 TV WIRED (0800 88 9473)

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