We can supply and install a wide range of wall brackets for all types of televisions. Whether you have a LCD, a Plasma or a LED television, we can install a bracket to suit. Installation can be on a standard Gib wall or masonry walls with low profile brackets that sit flat against the wall, or tilting brackets that can be angled up and down, even a full motion cantilever arm that lets the television swing from side to side and tilt.
We can supply run all the necessary wires inside the wall (where possible) to obtain a nice, clean, wire-free look. DVDs and Decoders can be hidden away in a cupboard and wires run through to the TV. Combine this with an infra-red repeater system and all you will see is the TV on the wall, no wires visible, no cabinet taking up floor space.
If you are building or renovation, we can consult with your architect and builder to determine the optimum placement of televisions, speakers, wall sockets and wiring.

We also install brackets for Projectors and screens, mount your projector up on the roof and free up your coffee table. We can also mount your speakers on the wall and hide the wiring.
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