Just purchased a new television, DVD or audio system?
Remove the hassle and get Wired Installations to connect it up for you and make sure you can use your entertainment system to its full potential. Once it is set up we can show you how it works, from the basics through to the most detailed settings. We can also pick up your system from the store and deliver and install it at your home.
If you move to a newhouse across town, we can pack up all your home entertainment equipment and move it to your new home and set it up again.
We have a range of solutions to remove the mess. From simple clips, ties & conduits through to setting up a home entertainment hub that is hidden away in a cupboard. It is amazing what a few minutes of time and a bunch of ties can achieve. Or you can go the whole hog and remove the need for a TV cabinet altogether and get us to install your DVD, Decoder etc in a dedicated cupboard out of the way and install your television on the wall.

Please contact us or just call for more information:

0800 TV WIRED (0800 88 9473)

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